Welcome CryptoWars

Cryptowars mmorpg gameFi is a project that brings an open Tibia server together with a gameFi, a fun world between gameplay and gameFi. Players can sell items dropped on the server to gameFi players, one game completes the other.
In our gameFi there are 5 dominant houses, daramans, winters, slayers, warlords, drefians, each player must have at least one of the 5 houses to be able to take their warriors daily into battles.
Warriors have the chance to battle for their houses once a day, the challenges are immense. In addition, there is the possibility to upgrade houses and revive warriors killed in battle, all this being possible through the GameFi marketplace in conjunction with the open Tibia.
This project has several uses for our $CWARS token, open tibia server players need to buy the tokens to activate valuable resources in game, without these resources players can't enjoy all areas and magic in the game.
On the other hand, GameFi players also need to buy tokens to acquire NFTs, thus buying their warriors and placing them in any of the 5 houses in the kingdom.
GameFi mode along with Staking are the only places you can produce our $CWARS token, players who enter these modes will mine our currency. On the other hand, Cryptowars open Tibia server players need this currency to play and run their campaigns within the server.